About me and my work
    The process of printmaking - the techniques, the equipment, the opportunity to work with metal plates, chemical reactions, and a large printing press - is challenging and engrossing. The technical demands and the versatility of the medium make it a worthy focus of a life's work. For an artist whose creativity is tempered with a strong analytical bent, etching (often combined with other print techniques) is the ideal printmaking medium.  
    I explore pattern and structure in my work, often focusing on trees and plant forms as well as manufactured structures such as bridges. I apply my analytical skills and training to the puzzle of the printmaking process, where an image develops over many versions and every state proof presents a new set of challenges, problems, and possible outcomes.
     I first studied painting and printmaking in college and returned to these subjects years later while earning a BFA at the University of Washington School of Art. In between, I earned a law degree. I joined Sev Shoon Arts Center in Seattle in the early 2000s and continued printing there for the next several years. I now print at BallardWorks in Seattle where I share a studio with four other artists.
    Please contact me if you would like to see the work in person or if you are interested in buying a piece and would like pricing information.

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